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Please help #whitebirdofparadise
I just received my plant like this :( there is only one leaf that looks healthy, what should I do to help it? is it even possible to recover it?
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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@DidacticRockfig roots are extremely healthy, again these signs are not root rot nor lack of sunlight, it’s an infestation of bugs, I suggest you should first isolate the plant and spray it with any insecticide treatment
I see some of the leaves are a slightly different colour, is this a build up of dust or the colour of the leaves?
I’m afraid to say it, but can you shoot more closer pics, it looks like spider mites, they suck the green chlorophyll and the soul of your plant
@dylan1stokes it's the color of the leaves, I cleaned them when she got home
@Hmoursy I didn't see any bugs but there is this
Spider mites are extremely tiny creatures you’ll notice them easily they are measured in 1 or less millimeter , search for any webs πŸ•Έ near the leaf beginning or under the leaf, they are one of the creatures that can suck the life of a leaf like this, but having a pale pigmentation like this is not a sign of any root rot or lack of sunlight, indeed they are bugs.
@Hmoursy oh noo! I couldn't find any webs but what should I do?
Are you sure that there aren’t any signs of bugs? There must be a kind of infestation and it’s severe also, That’s absolutely wired, leafs don’t look pale like this man without bugs, search it any where there might be something you didn’t see
honestly I don't have much experience with plants :( maybe there's something that I'm missing. Should I get a product?
I cleaned the roots and this is what I found
what do you think?
@Hmoursy do you recommend any brand? I haven't purchased anything like it before
@DidacticRockfig in fact I can’t tell you which brand as I’m living in the Middle East and I don’t know which brands you have, however any brand will do the work if you used it in the correct way as instructed on it, but you can visit any nursery shop, and show him also the pictures, and he shall help you with the right insecticide solution
@Hmoursy thank you so much for your help!!! you have been so kind!
@DidacticRockfig you did not miss any thing by the way, light condition is great, you are not overwatering or else you should have seen brown spots, brown tips, or a sign of root rot which is not the case as you seen the roots are so healthy
@DidacticRockfig not to mention, please keep me posted with the status and make sure to mention my name so I can get a notification 😊
@Hmoursy definitely
@Hmoursy Hey! this is how the leaves are looking today I ordered a bug spray and it arrives on Thursday, do you think I should prune the dead leaves before treating it?
OMG, she is so sad 😞 , indeed you need to prune it, i can see only one leaf is surviving, wipe it off with damp cloth and look between the stems and the core for any bugs, something looks white like fungus before you spray it, if nothing is there, I would prune it only and make sure she is not getting direct sunlight since she is weakened now, but the light for bird of Paradise is very essential
@DidacticRockfig sorry I did not notice your comment
@DidacticRockfig is this corner where she is setting is the original location of here ? That would be too dark for a bird of paradise
@Hmoursy ok so I just pruned a lot everything was brown and on the stems I stopped until it was only green and white, after wiping the leaf I see some white spots but also some black spots on the stem, I read that cinnamon help with fungus infection so I sprinkled some while I wait for the spray to arrive, I put it by a glass door with indirect sunlight facing north
😳 you are so brave to cut all of those leafs, hopefully it will recover, cinnamon indeed helpful, I’d love to keep tracking the progress with you, please keep me posted.
@DidacticRockfig sorry again difference only timing I think, I live in Qatar +3 GMT
@hmoursy sure I will keep you posted!
@DidacticRockfig any news, it’s been almost a week, how is your plant ?
@Hmoursy so far I just see a little new growth
@DidacticRockfig I can’t see it, but as long as there is new growth, that sounds good, wish that she recovers 😊
@Hmoursy I think is going to be a loooong recovery
@notaplantkiller don’t lose hope, you have to go through the journey and have faith that she will recover, I’m there anyway 😊
@notaplantkiller any luck with your bird of paradise, can you post a picture of any new growth?
@hmoursy she is actually doing great!
@notaplantkiller I can’t see well from the picture, but can u see new growth?
@hmoursy yes there is new growth!
hey @hmoursy just a quick update, new leaves are coming with some brown spots, I'm guessing lack of humidity due to winter but she is growing so fast :)
Wow finally, super happy for you 😊😊 but I guess what I see is some damage roots, not a sign of lack of humidity, increase the watering cycle days or my best advise which I did it my self, get your self a soil meter, it’s very cheap and so much helpful

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