Posted 1M ago by @Crissnell42

Hello got this Pretty girl the other day does anyone have any does and don’t for me any tips or tricks
7ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
my first tip would be that this is actually a tradescantia nanouk! I don’t have a zebrina but I am assuming their care is pretty similar. I keep mine in bright light - the brighter the light the brighter the foliage will be, & I keep the soil moist (but not sopping wet!) because I notice the leaves tend to droop & crisp, brown when the soil dries out too much. Other than that I would say they’re pretty easy plants & if you take good care, it will grow like crazy!
I have one of these. They are so pretty. Be careful about too much sun. Bright direct light will burn the leaves. Bright indirect light is best. Fast growers. Pest magnets so let dry between watering and ensure it has drainage.

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