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Is this sunburn?
I just brought this Neon Pothos home from my local nursery. I noticed burn spots and didn’t think anything of it, but when I got home I saw these smaller more frequent blemishes. Is this sunburn as well? Pests?

Could it be Oedema? This morning I noticed the employee basically water boarding the plant before I bought it
4ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I’ve had the same issue as well. I will follow to see if there is an answer or remedy for this.
This does not look like sunburn to me. If it were it would be one solid spot and the plant would be crispy in that spot. These are too spread out, as if something got sprayed on it.

It could be a pest, but it could also be some sort of rot or fungus or mold.

If it's just a couple leaves I would keep an eye on, but also trim off the blotchy ones just in case it is something that can spread.

Keep it in quarantine for at least two weeks, which is good practice anytime you add a new plant to your collection, and if no other spots form you can put it with your others at that point if you want.

Overall it looks like a healthy, beautiful pothos
@tmbryant37 Do you think it could be Oedema? When I bought it this morning, the employee had absolutely drenched it with a hose while watering.
I thought about that, and the spots are the right color for it to edema so that is possible as well. When you see it in FLF the spots are smaller than what you see here, but since pothos leaves are more fleshy it makes sense that the spots would be bigger.

If you touch the spots and nothing wipes off that's a good sign it is edema and not something worse.

I'd still suggest a quarantine period, not just for this but in case anything else came home with it, but if it is edema it shouldn't get any worse after today when the plant starts to dry out.

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