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Meet Long Boy, my variegated ginger (Alpinia zerumbet). I got him about a week or so ago and when I tell you this plant is finicky, I truly mean it.

I have two windows I use, East and South. I had it placed in my South facing room, about 3-4 inches from direct light and it did not like it. It’s also pretty dry in that room, so I figured it was low humidity issues.

I moved him to my East facing room. Humidity is higher, there’s bright light in the morning and medium light in afternoon, but he’s still struggling. Sources online say they like β€œbright indirect light” but others say they thrive in partial sun to shade.

Long Boy was rooted when I got him and I placed him in a terracota pot with potting mix, perlite and some peat moss. I will note that before I potted him, his roots were about 6-8 inches in length, so I’m starting to think the pot may be too small? I’m using a 4.5” pot. Also read that some like to be rootbound while others like to expand. Please help me.
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 hours ago
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@kscape I have one of these guys....have it in a corner with a north window and a east window..... I just kinda neglect it and it's been growing pretty good. It's in a 4 inch pot that it came in...haven't repotted yet, water when top of soil is dry. I'll share a before and current pic after I get home from work today
I guess some plants are just hard to please. πŸ₯°
@kscape it looks like I'm watering it about every 5 days.

Picture is on right current, picture on left is when I got it!
@OKIEgrnthmb omg mines a baby compared to yours! They looks gorgeous when mature Ahh!! 🀍🀍✨ thank you!!
@kscape just give your a bit to adjust to its new home.

Thank you...they are stunning plants!!

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