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Supplementing sunlight with grow lights?

@AnthuriumQueen @vvvelo and other #succulentsquad #succulentlove folks, I have a question. This is my succulent setup at present. Everybody is lined up along my dining room window sill, which is basically a straight southern exposure. But, and it's a big but, we replaced all our windows when we bought our house because they were the original mid-80s builder-grade crappy ones and lots of them had broken seals, etc. Now we have lovely triple pane gas-insulated windows that are fantastic for our electric bill but I'm suspecting they filter more sunlight than I'd like for the sake of my succs. Should I supplement with grow lights? And if so, which one(s)? I could put some with smaller stands in the window sill with them but there's not really anywhere to hang lights above them, and I'd have to rig something up if I was to do something that had a clamp setup. I also need something that isn't crazy colors/is migraine friendly as 3 of 4 people in the house are prone to them and we all pretty photosensitive, and this room is heavily trafficked. #happyplants #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy #growlights #texasgreggang
8” pot with drainage
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I’d say if the plants are not stretching and look happy, I would not add grow lights.
@vvvelo I know that over winter, echeverias in particular can sort of lay it all out to maximize the light they get, and then they perk up when the days get longer. Should I wait until closer to summer to determine if they're still "flopping" for light or it was just a winter thing? We got these in February so I'm very new to them
@RelentlessZebra I know that many people like to add grow lights in winter time to provide missing bright light for succulents. In winter the sun is not so bright, and it makes it difficult for succulent to thrive.
@RelentlessZebra You’re in Fort Worth so I think you may be ok. However, if you want to be sure, you can monitor the sunlight to see if it gets blocked by anything after 1300hrs. We have double pane facing south and placing plants 2 feet or more doesn’t in front of the southern windows, the light doesn’t work for my Monsteras until August when it’s blazing hot and bright out. Even then, we have very large trees that block most of the light after 1800hrs so we leave lights on for them and all other plants that need the light. Also, keep in mind that plants dong see light the way we do. In order to remain compact, they need brighter light and stronger if it’s fairly far away. I would more than likely order early than wait because succulents grow when their soil is dry and because prices are lower for grow lights during the summer and jump up in Autumn. You can start getting ready in case you need them which I did and I am glad I ordered early. I have them if I need them and don’t have to wait.

A full spectrum bright LED grow light works. It’s up to you if you want to order but if not, I say watch the sunlight outside those windows amd gauge it’s intensity. Your plants will rely on that intensity to thrive. Once you’ve watched the sun come through and if it’s obstructed, you can go from there.
@AnthuriumQueen that makes sense. I know that I had to work my baby sedum up to the amount of light in this window even right now, and some of my more light sensitive tropicals were not thrilled with even being on the dining room table 5 feet away from this window (and the same distance away from a western facing slider), so I'm cautiously optimistic. Our neighbor on that side has a single story house and it's probably 15-20 feet away from ours at least, plus no trees in either side yard there.

The fact that I'm already getting mild sun stress on all the echeverias even through the windows in March is probably a good sign, right?
@RelentlessZebra mild stress is a sign they should be ok.
If you do end up getting grow lights: I have migraines that are triggered by light and I've found that choosing growlights that are full spectrum were fine as long as I don't have to look directly at the bulb. I've bought Mother grow lights, and also some sansi ones. I don't think I could cope with red or purple lights migraine -wise. πŸ’•πŸŒΏ