Posted 2w ago by @ZestfullyDwarf

I have those two cuttings that I order hasn’t gotten roots yet but the rest has what am I doing wrong
@vvvelo do you have any suggestions?
There not rooted yet
Could take a little time. They look a little thirsty tho! Give them a good drink and place in a sunny spot
@ZestfullyDwarf how long have you had them?
@KikiGoldblatt I week the rest has roots I just water them
And I put them in a tiny pot I had all the new cuttings in one pot
@ZestfullyDwarf I know when I grew some succulents from cuttings it took a bit of time for them to root. I’d continue to water them and give them a little more time. @EdieMcGoldrick has some good suggestions.

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