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Spider plant brown in the middle of the leaf
Hi all, is this over or under watering? I've read few posts online and some say it could be both. #spiderplant About 5 or 6 leaves like this
7ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
It’s from overwatering. She will bounce back. Just trim the brown edges if you like (with sterilized scissors) just make sure the soil is really dry before the next watering ☺️
@Shaubplantshack ok great! It's slightly moist so will not water for a while.
I do both. I over water mine and when it drip I leave it because the pot is a self watering pot with the cord. Some days I poor the water I. The bottom and let the cord do the rest. Yet my spider plant still get brown tips on some of the leaves
Seems to be true for a lot of spider plants. Did you move it recently or something brushed by it. I just cut some brown edges from mine but has not been in the middle. Best of luck! πŸ˜€
Inwater mine with filtered water and it is bouncing back.
@AppealingChaya no not moved him. I have been watering per the schedule as I thought soil had to be moist. Will let it dry out. Other leaves are fine. I've cut off the brown ones now too.
@Gooddaybee I just use tap water that has sat for a day or two. It's been fine up to now. Will see what happens over the next 2 weeks or so.
Spider plants are sensitive to fluoride in tap water, and over time they will gradually develop brown spots like this due to the fluoride building up. Letting the water sit out before using it won’t get rid of fluoride if you have it in your water supply. I’d check the website for your city’s water utility and find out. If yes, you can switch to distilled, spring, reverse osmosis, or rainwater. Unfortunately typical at-home filters like Brita and similar don’t remove fluoride. Or you can just keep using tapβ€”it won’t kill the plant but it will keep getting these brown spots.
@fluffyruffles (It might be something other than fluoride toxicity, I’m just offering this as a possibility)
@fluffyruffles thanks. I use tap water that has sat for a day or 2 but will look at spring water. Getting rain water will be a pain but I will maybe put a bucket out and collect some...we will be having a warm spell soon, so it won't be for a while.

I did notice water droplets on it. So I have now moved it to sit with some succulents/less tropical plants I have instead of the humidity loving plants. Maybe they were causing some sort of humidity issue for him. Will see how that works. Just had to cut a few more brown leaves.

Soil is dry but will water in a day or 2.
@PlantsbyPav I would check if your water supply has fluoride added to itβ€”if it doesn’t, then you can rule this out and keep going with tap. Good luck!!
@fluffyruffles no fluoride. But chlorine
Right now I am using distilled water I by it at the dollar store. I still have brown spots but not as much. Hope this helps

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