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How do I use a growlight to its best potential?
Ok so I’ve never ever used a grow light but I found one at Walmart and I’d really like to utilize it in my office (with one tiny northwest facing window). I’ve read that grow lights need to be pretty close to the plant? And I know I have to keep the light on a bit of a timer… do I use this table lamp with no shade? Or the directional desk lamp? Are there certain plants I shouldn’t use the light on? #GrowLights #HappyPlants #NewToThis
Don't put any plants close to a grow light, make sure they're just far enough that they don't heat up too fast
@RJG can you help her out?
Hey Shae, if you go the #GrowLights community you'll see lots of examples of good set ups! I can also post a picture of my two when I get home. They're in the community though too!
Thank you everyone so much! I felt kinda dumb posting this 😅 but Greg has such a loving and helpful community 💜🪴
@ShaeWayBaby I am so glad you feel welcome! You shouldn't ever feel like a question isn't good enough. I promise someone else has your question too!
@ShaeWayBaby this is actually the only place I don't feel stupid asking questions! The people here are so nice! (:
Get a light meter! 😁 all I use are grow lights and there is a notable difference in light intensity with just a few inches of difference. Having the meter will allow you to find the perfect light range for any plant 😁 most of my grow lights are within 10-12 inches of my plants, but they all love bright indirect light 🤷‍♂️😂

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