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Grow lights
When entering details for plants under grow lights, would I enter "hours of direct sunlight" with how many hours the light is in? #greghelp #growlights
That's a really good question so I'm following in hopes for an answer!!
@cantelop3 I'll let you know when I know! I was thinking I just needed to change grow light to "yes" in addition to other info, but my plants under lights- particularly the one that is on longer- are drier sooner. So I got to thinking...
Itโ€™s not direct sunlight tho. If it was outside or something where it got the sun rays
@Momster thatโ€™s really a good question, I have a few plants under grown light myself.
When you click on your plant in Greg and edit details, thereโ€™s a lot more details you can put in for your plant, one of them being that they have a grow light โ˜บ๏ธ

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