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Is this an Aglaonema pictum tricolor seedling or did I ge...

I just received my first Etsy #PlantMail, and everything arrived in perfect condition, but I’m curious about one thing. I ordered a seedling of an Aglaonema pictum tricolor, because I could never afford a mature one. What I received is very beautiful, but it doesn’t look like I expected. Will the variegation/colors develop as it matures? Or did I receive something else? I should add that everything else I ordered (tricolor stromanthe, crocodile fern and flapjacks) are exactly what i expected and even better! Really perfect. I’m just not knowledgeable about these and not sure what a baby is supposed to look like. Just wondering what the #GregGang thinks. 🧐 #GreggersSupportingGreggers #Aglaonema #aglaonemapictumtricolor #PlantID #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #PLANTMAFIA #babevila
Thats a diffenbachia. I would reach out to them because this does not look like an aglaonema
@AwesomePlants that’s what I thought! It looks suspiciously like my diffienbacchia.
What do the stalks and roots look like? That’s how I can tell if it’s an Aglo.
@TheOddAsity it’s just a tiny thing so the roots look like any other baby plant. But here is a closer up of the side.
@UltraKoreanfir don’t you have a pictum tricolor? Or am I thinking of someone else?
I'm 99.9 percent sure that isn't a Pictum tricolor.πŸ™ƒ
That looks the same as my Dieffenbachia 'Camouflage' so I second @AwesomePlants
@BabeVila Here is my "baby" tricolor. And yeah, they don't have the wonderful camo variegation right off the bat, but looks way different than what you received. Samantha has a young one too. @Bunny413. Perhaps she'll provide another comparison picture. Hers is just starting to throw some camo variegation, I think.
@UltraKoreanfir that’s what I was afraid of. I’m with @PlantMompy and @AwesomePlants that it’s probably a diffienbachia. 😭
Bonus... Free plant since they either need to send you the one you ordered or refund you?
@PlantMompy yeah I’m going to reach out to them… just worried they’re going to insist it’s what I ordered. I have a screenshot of my order though. Will report back.
I messaged them very politely, so hopefully we can work something out. Thanks for everyone’s input. I didn’t feel right that this was what I ordered πŸ˜•
I know that the trunk of my dieffenbacia dumb cane looks like this they are toxic to
@BabeVila its a dumb cane
@BabeVila # it will take off
Every plant photo is just so beautiful 😍
@BabeVila I hope you get a good result. Hopefully it was an honest mistake and they didn't sell a common and inexpensive diffenbachia but charged for a more expensive tricolor aglaonema
@AwesomePlants I know, I really hope so too. All the other plants are beautiful. The stromanthe is stunning. I love it. So they did a really good job overall. It’s just I really wanted a pictum tricolor, lol.
Okay so I am super impressed with this shop. Here’s their response to my message (fast, too!). They explained the mix-up, are refunding me, and when the new pictum tricolors are ready, they are giving me a discount. That is great! And I have to say again, everything came in perfect condition. And the accidental plant is lovely so like @PlantMompy said, free plant! πŸͺ΄πŸ’š (forgot to include the screenshot on my first try lol)
@BabeVila most of the time if you leave a review saying it’s not the right plant or something along those lines they will make it right. They want that 5 star. I ordered a 50$ book bag and the picture was deceiving so that’s what I said in the review. They messaged me and told me if I changed it they would give me a full refund and I was able to keep the bag.
@learydarrel good to know! I’m waiting to review until I see if they really send me the pictum and give me the discount. They did refund me so that’s good.
@BabeVila so I recently became interested in aglaonemas, and one day was looking a plants by mail order and decided I would give it a try 1 time. Coincidentally I ordered the same item from this same Etsy shop! I wish I had seen your post first. But I’m new to Greg and still figuring out how to maneuver the site. So my pictum tricolor is due to ship 4/14…. We will see what they send me. I was suspicious after I ordered because I coincidentally found a listing on Amazon with the same picture, just the background photoshopped out.
@BabeVila hi! Just curious if you pictum tricolor ever shipped? I ordered from the same shop before seeing your post. My pictum tricolor was supposed to ship today. No word from the seller and when I go to check on my order and click on the Etsy shop, it is closed….. I opened an Etsy case because I never received anything. My pictures are not order but just showing there messages and listings and now shop is gone!
@nellz4estfairyz omg seriously!!!??? They did give me a refund on the tricolor and said they would notify me when the new ones were ready, which they didn’t. I just let it go, because I did get other beautiful and healthy plants from them, but I can’t believe the shop is just gone! 🀯
@BabeVila yeah I’m disappointed. Hoping Etsy will give me a refund. I doubt this place will be sending me my order. But, that will just make room for more plants from my local green house. 😁
@nellz4estfairyz ugh! I hope you get your refund! How disappointing. I’m definitely sorry I recommended them to anyone! You truly never know with people 😒 But you’re right, more room for local plants!