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My Jade is sick, started dropping leaves and drooping. Ca...

Have you tried a little fertilizer. It gives the plant that boost of nutrients its probably lacking :)
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It looks like it may need some water.. it could also be suffering from a fungal issue based on the leaves at the top wrinkling and discoloration. If you don’t have drainage in your pot that could be a reason it’s not doing good. I recommend a repot, trimming the dead or discolored leaves, new fresh dirt, and some water and good light. Sometimes my plants are struggling and a repot (the right way) usually helps them a lot.. jades are super resilient and will grow new shoots or leaves where you trim the dead. Hope this helps
I don’t think it’s getting enough light where it’s at either.. the tilting and frosted window make me think this. I would move it somewhere it’s brighter if you are able to do so.