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drying out cactus
my variegated prickly pear suddenly started drying out and one of the pad started turning yellow. it was doing very good couple days ago. the new growing out stems are also starting to get droopy. does anyone know why this is happening? what can be done? #DroopingPricklyPear #CactusClique
How wet is the soil? Also, your plant card says no drainage; is that accurate?
Have you watered recently? If not, your cactus may be very thirsty! If you have watered but the cactus has gotten worse, then I believe your cactus may be fighting a fungal infection.
@malobee because of the yellowing from the base of the plant midway up the stem, to me this looks like an overwatering issue. If You gently squeeze the yellowing bit, does it feel spongy?
Your plant card states it's in a pot without drainage, there's probably too much water accumulated in the bottom of the pot and your cactus is too wet. I suggest potting it up in cactus soil in a pot with drainage. 🌵
This cactus is leggy I’m going to say regardless of anything this puppy needs some direct sun. Especially since it’s variegated! I have one of these outside and I’m in zone 7 it’s pretty sunny here. You’ll not regret the more sun part it’ll solve all of not most of the issues I’m seeing here just you have to cut the dead part off. It’s not revivable

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