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Droopy plant!
So this is a friend's plant and she thinks she over watered it? I took it out of the direct sunlight path. I'm trying to save it for her while she is gone. Help!!
Yes, their plant is overwatered or received too much light. I would repot in fresh new soil and give it some perlite. I left my panda plant a little too long in water and its limping. Im giving it air and letting it dry. Give it bright indirect light too, and it should bounce back :)
@kscape Sorry for the off subject comment, but I love the blue hair… πŸ€—
@BeesZenGarden bahaha my profile pic? If so, my hair is like…pitch black where it almost looks blue πŸ˜…
@kscape I just took it out of direct sunlight (I hope!) and I believe I have extra succulent soil at home that I'll leave her. I appreciate the suggestion. If it can hold on till she gets back, we're good! Thank you!
@DarkWhisper8126 Hope I was able to answer your question and good luck! 🀞🏽✨🌿

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