Posted 1M ago by @in2ndo

Repotted around 05/05/24. New spots on leaf.

#Anthurium what do you guys think this spots are?
1ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
likely a bacterial infection which most commonly can occur with root rot. You may want to tilt the plan out and check the roots and cut off any black and smelly roots if you see any. Be sure you are watering on a consistent schedule and if there is root rot, change out the soil. Just keep in mind that repotting will stress out the plant a little, but it should bounce back after a few weeks. I would cut off the leaves with the black spots to keep the disease from spreading.
@JubilantTearose thank you, the plant is new. It was in the original pot for about 7 days and it’s been in this pot for about 2 weeks I think. The roots were good when I pulled it from the original pot. I always shake the roots a little loose in new plants. So most of this soil is brand new.