Posted 1w ago by @Manda12345

Anyone have any expert tips for moving a buncH of plants to a new house?
Especially the more sensitive plants like fiddle leafs and begonia bonsais? It wouldn’t be anymore than 20-30 minutes of driving but there’s just lots of jostling and prep I’m stressed for! Don’t want a bunch of dead plants!! Any help is appreciated
@RJG @sarahsalith any suggestions?
Good luck 👍 no help from me I’d be worried about it too
i wouldn't be worried about a 20-30 minute move. Just try and give them as close to the same conditions as the previous spot and they should be fine ☺️
First, have a conversation with your "fickle" leaf fiddle and ask for forgiveness ahead of time. Lol Best of wishes in your move
@RJG awesome thank you!
@AwesomePlants LOL praying for her at this point

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