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Have you had success propagating aloe Vera from stems?
I accidentally broke off a big beautiful stem on my aloe when I was moving it to a bigger pot 😭 I read that you can propagate it by letting it callus over and then place in soil. But it hasn’t been working for me :(
Have you had any success with this?? Or something similar?
#AloeVera #PropagationStation
I currently have a piece propagating. I was told it’s extremely difficult, but either mine is doing fine or it’s dying a slow miserable death below the soil line. Worth a shot, I think!
I use stems for skin care! Although I have 2 Aloe plants I buy stems from the store, slice them & put them in the freezer. I rub them on my face twice a day! Prevents wrinkles, breakouts & tightens pores. Also the perfect moisturizer for oily skin.
@ranchinhippie I have to try this. ❤️
@cpessoa You won’t be disappointed!!

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