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Can someone help me save my grandpas aloe plant? he passed in 2018 and it’s all I have left.. and he loved these plants 😒 I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
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I’d say it needs more water. It looks thirsty
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Can you post a few more pictures so we can get multiple views?
@sarahsalith thank you I miss him a bunch…
they were doing great and developed brown spots and I removed those and now it just looks sad.. I have tried replanting some babies that came off of the main one 🀞
I'm really tempted to say to chop the long, bear stem to give the leaves a new lease on life. But I've never propagated an aloe.

I want you to wait and see who else will say something that may be helpful.
@strawberrymoon @vvvelo @Hypsie @Yeeha234 @Sassylimey @KikiGoldblatt @Kiersten @HyggeVibes @GatherandGrow @SubTrop

Do y'all have any information that'll help Vanessa?
@sarahsalith I have a thriving aloe and 2 that are just existing. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
I would agree with @vvvelo about it needing more water! He is a succulent genius! I know mine are much happier in direct light as well, it makes them less β€œleggy”. @sarahsalith may be right about chopping the large stem but I have such a hard time cutting my plants back (which can be a bad thing too though!)
@vvvelo thank you πŸ™ would I need to cut that dark leaf off?
@GatherandGrow this one burns in direct sunlight very quickly 😒 when you say the large stem that would be the main light brown stem? Would I be able to replant it without roots? πŸ‘€
Thank you all so much for the help! I’m so new to this, I figured just watering and trimming here and there it would be fine buuuut I am now seeing there is a lot more that I am still learning πŸ₯°πŸ™
I’ve tried to propagate my aloe but unfortunately had no luck, sorry.
@Hypsie thank you πŸ™ Try asking this person. Good luck! Sending you all the healthy plant energyπŸ–€
That is sad! Yes, the one with the main stem. I agree with @Hypsie, I have not had much luck with propagation.
@RoundBigmuhly I would keep that leaf. It seems like it just slightly burnt under direct sun. It does not look like it is rotting .
My aloe is doing ok, I did put it into a smaller pot, wish I could give better advice, maybe cleaning up that main stem and sticking it back in some soil, water it and see what happens. I hope your plant thrives 🀩
he looks thirsty! sorry i’m not really in the best headspace to give you detailed advice, im pretty tired :( id remove the dead leaves too
Uuuhh there is a dude on YouTube that has an aloe farm and he pretty much hacked off the old dead parts until it was basically a (still huge) nub. Then he put it into a big planter and in a few months he has a new plant and lots of babies! Oh I found it!! Good luck!!
My hunch would be to put a stick in there with it and tie the stem to it at least until is starts to perk up. I’m afraid the water supply from its roots is not reaching its leaves. I don’t have the same kind of aloe, though. Just a guess!
@strawberrymoon thank you and hope you get plenty of rest.
@RoundBigmuhly thank you <3
I also have trouble in Winter, but when it’s warm enough move outside to north side of our yard and they are nice all year.
i’m sorry for your loss. i’d say try to put a stick to prop up the plant and remove dead leaves.

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