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Mealy bugs are destroying my plants
Hello everyone! One of my plants has mealy bugs and I didn’t take care and quarantine it before moving it with the other plants. As a result, several plants got mealy bugs also. Can someone please advise me on how to handle mealy bugs? I tried cleaning each leaf with scoops but to no avail. I’ve also tried using water with a bit of alcohol. However, none of those two solutions worked for me.
I'd suggest treating your plants with Neem oil.
@Sassylimey thank you Sarah! I will try the neem oil.
I don’t want to suggest something you tried, but did you try removing the bugs you can see with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol? You don’t have to dilute it for that. When you dab them they turn orange. ☠️ I also suggest doing that at night because that’s when they seem to be active.
@Kace thank you Kristen! I did not know that it is better to do it at night.
I am Team Rubbing Alcohol -- all the way. Neem oil can be hard on your plants, so be sure to read and follow the directions to the letter.

Personally, I agree with @Kace - I keep alcohol in spray bottles and when I see a mealybug, the last thing they see is that alcohol raining down on them.

The rubbing alcohol kills them and you can wipe away their bodies. I suggest if you use alcohol, you check and spray every other day for two or three weeks; that way, you'll get them in all their life stages.

You can also see what kind of Insecticidal granules are available in your area.

If you have plants, you'll have bugs! (:
@AcePunanova Good Luck!

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