Posted 3M ago by @SecurePinusmugo

Is this pink syngonium supposed to vine? Should I cut it ...

12ft to light, indirect
9” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
This could be one of two things, or both. It could be leggy (meaning it’s reaching/growing toward light) if it’s not getting adequate sun, but they are also climbers. So if given a moss pole or something to climb it could be very happy. If it’s in a brighter spot, you’ll see shorter growth.
My mom has had great success cutting back the lanky growth, and propagating the cuttings. Her plant perked right up and grew bushy and full. But looking at your I would also consider repotting into something with drainage. I am just so weird about plots with out proper drainage. It causes so many problems when you can’t really tell if it’s too wet or too dry.