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shaky baby needs to stand up
ayda did in fact go mushy on the bottom - i think it was underwatering, as i had just gone on vacation. i managed to get her looking happy again, but that part didn’t recover and dried up inside the soil. i have her leaning against the wall now, since the bottom being dead means she’s at her floppiest. the rest of her looks great though, and she’s even growing pretty damn fast up top. it’s really just the veeery bottom bit beneath the soil that’s dead.
i definitely want to repot her so she can stand up straight, but i’m not sure how to go about it. are gloves enough to avoid getting pricked? should i trim off the dead bit and just stick her in nice soil, or is there a better way to do it that i’m missing in my overthinking? (kind of #HappyPlants #BunnyEarsCactus #repotting
i also haven’t been updating greg regularly, my babies are not, in fact, screaming and dying of thirst, and she is indeed in a drainage-y pot
I use kitchen tongs to repot my cactus. It’s so much easier (and less painful lol) than using your hands even with gloves. I still wear gloves though. I put gardening gloves on, and then rubber cleaning gloves over top.

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