Posted 3w ago by @nomoredeadplant

my poor precious baby angel i am so sorry
i can’t believe ive done this. my little baby angel fig, ive done her dirty. i knocked off one of her pre-leaf horns. i know it’s not the end of the world but still 😩😩😩 now i have plant nut on my black shirt and i’m sad about my baby. approx how long will it take her to heal and start sprouting a new one?
@RJG do you know?
sorry about the unhelpful comment but plant nut made me snort so hard lol
I don't know how long. It depends on the plant. Was it growing quickly before?
@RJG pretty fast i think, it came with a leaf that unfurled in a few days and the one i knocked off grew maybe an inch or two in two weeks. i’m not sure how to account for healing time though.
If it was happy before it should seal off an put off a new shoot fairly quickly!
@RJG yay!! hopefully she’ll recover soon, she was doing well before
@nomoredeadplant you may even get lucky and get branching!

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