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my alocasia red secret is struggling. Help!!

idk what i’m doing wrong but she started wilting a few days after i brought her home. Only had her for a little while, watered twice (first time bottom watered and lost two leaves so im only top watering my alocasia henceforth) both times i gave her about 1/2 cup and she drank about half of that. 2nd watering was today. she sits on a table feet away from an east facing window. #alocasiaredsecret #AlocasiaAddicts #Alocasia #AlocasiaCupreaRedSecret
8ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Red secret are one of the fussier alocasia in my experience. They like moisture, however they also like well aerated roots.

What soil blend are you using? And how are you checking the moisture level before you water? Are you dumping the excess water that runs into the cache pot?
@AggroResting i am not sure what kind of soil she’s potted in. I got her from a local pant shop but it appears to be a potting mix with perlite 🤷🏾‍♀️ and i check to see if i can pull the whole plant with the soil attached out of the pot and visually inspect the soil. if it looks dry and i can pull the whole thing out kinda like a brick, I water her using 1/2 cup and let the extra run out the bottom and pour it out then let her rest on a paper towel to soak up the excess water around her “feet”
She’s getting too much light. See how she’s putting all her leaves away from the sun. They aren’t drooping because drooping is from the stem… that’s starting from the leaves.
@PlantJedi 🤔 now that you mention it, it does appear that she’s tucking her leaves away from the 🌞. i think i’ll move her to my bedroom where there’s less indirect light. my monstera, Bruce, and Ficus Tineke Ruby, Tink, are in there. I had her on the coffee table so she could be near the humidifier.
A chopstick might be a little gentler way to check the mositure level instead of pulling the plant out from the pot. Alocasia can be fussy about their roots being disturbed. You can also use it to make some holes in the soil to try aerate those roots a little bit. Not sure where you got it from or what kind of mix was used, but a lot of nursery pot media is very soggy and dense, and doesn’t allow aeration of the roots. Your plant might just be stressed from being moved, but, when you’re comfortable, you might want to consider putting it in an aroid appropriate mix.

My red secret gave me a very hard time but seems to be happier moving into Leca, I think very possibly due to the airflow. 

Edited to add: PlantJedi has a very good point RE: moving it away from the light also. They want way less light than you’d think 🤣
@PlantJedi and for that it’s worth, in this picture she is sitting on a desk in a much brighter room much closer to an east facing window and I turned her around so the biggest leaves were pointing away from the sun to see if she would naturally pull back towards the sun making her stand up more upright (you can see she has not turned toward the sun). not sure if any of that makes sense or makes a difference in your assessment.
@AggroResting I have been considering potting all three of my alocasia in leca but I’m a novice and can’t find any locally. Do you have any recommendations for brands or how to videos?
@NativeTigerfern I’m a leca novice as well, but so far my Alocasia and a Philo have been quite happy with it. The Leca Queen on youtube has some fantastic tutorials and explains things very well. Here is a photo of my Zebrina after a few weeks in water + 4 days in Leca.
@NativeTigerfern my ficus tineke is named Tink too
@PoisedAlbo ha! great minds!
@AggroResting thank you!!! i’ll check out that youtube channel! Did you use the brand(s) of Leca the leca queen recommended?
@NativeTigerfern I just use whatever LECA I can buy locally.
I don’t have much useful information, just wanted to come say @signorebean @Pielewop @FieryOrchid helped me when I tried to save mine - he is still currently in plant ICU, but he is growing new roots at least😂 sending you all the good plant juju🫶🏻🌿
I appreciate the shout out @AmusingRedhill ! Glad to hear she’s slowly only the mend. My only addition to this post would be (and everyone’s suggestions here are great!) is that it sounds like your plant is just still getting used to its new home. Plant shock is a real thing. New pot, new lighting conditions, new watering routine etc… give her time! Happy growing!
@AmusingRedhill @Pielewop thank you both!!! she’s doing better now! i added a layer of leca at the bottom of this pot, removed the nursery pot, and the drainage stopped on this pot and turned her away from the sun lol 😂 so far so good 🤞🏾
@NativeTigerfern that’s a new leaf (lightest one) btw!!!
@NativeTigerfern oh she looks so much more perky!! I’m so happy for you!🤗