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I accidentally had this bamboo on the list twice so it got overwatered before I realized it! Now half of it is yellow! I am so bad at keeping plants alive but this one has lasted years. What can I do to save it? Please help!🤞🏻
2” pot
Last watered 2 days ago
is there soil under those rocks or is it just water and rocks? if there’s soil i think you need to take the plant out, no drainage + overwatering means the soil will stay soggy for quite long and the root rot might progress further
Welcome to Greg!

Is there soil in there? If it's in water, you would not have overwatered it. 
Jinx @strawberrymoon 😉 I hope you had a good day!
Bad news is your heart is broken. You should probably cut your losses.

good news is you can save the bottom of your heart and it should still produce growth as long as the roots are okay.
@InspiredAjwain Welcome to Greg. @strawberrymoon moon has a great idea. I would follow her instructions.
agree with @sarahsalith !! check on the roots. btw if it’s just water and rocks in there i’m thinking it may be a nutrient defiency of some sort
@strawberrymoon There is a little bit of soil. I’ll try that! Thanks!
@sarahsalith Yes a little bit of soil. I’ll try taking it out.
@sarahsalith 🙁 At least there’s good news. 🤷🏻‍♀️
@strawberrymoon It’s soil. 👍🏻
@InspiredAjwain np! cut back to where the plant is still green and trim off any rotten roots. don’t water for a couple days if you do cut any so there’s less risk of further damage to the roots :)

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