Posted 5M ago by @ToughLacefern

Is this the right pot for this plant? It doesn’t look lik...

0ft to light, direct
12” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
A trim isn't necessarily, so unless you wanna propagate I would leave it as is.

But I do think the pot is to big for the plant. The pot should only be 1-2 inch bigger then the rootball.

And preferably drainage, but as long as you check soil before watering and don't let it sit in water. It should be fine without drainage.

It is really pretty though!
@Nathaliezyx4 thank you! This is exactly the advice I was looking for. Is it okay to repot at any time of the year?
Well this will get different answers depending who you ask.

Because if you search online and ask some people on this app, they will say only repot in spring/summer.

But others on this app will say, you can repot when ever you want since the plants are indoors. Just don't repot a plant too often.

For my opinion, I always repot whenever I want. Never had problems with it so far.
Only difference their might be, is that it gets a slightly higher chance of shock. Which can lead to the newer leaves being smaller. But I haven't had big problems with this, it is only noticeable with my Monstera's.

But then again, usually you repot for a reason. So in my mind, maybe waiting is worse then the shock it might get.