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Is there a way to revive my string of pearls?
So I got a string of pearls and I didn’t know where to put it. I “smartly” put it a bathroom that got barely any light. It half died. Is there anything I can do? Or is it dead?
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You'll want to take the strings hanging down and put them on top of the soil. Then cover the vines with a very small layer of soil. The vine will focus on rooting then and eventually explode back out. Try and get it like the picture below
If you cut off the green parts and place them on top of a thin layer of substrate or soil, you can try to propagate them!
@RJG thanks I will try that
Looks like it might have died from root rot plus low light - Was the plastic pot the pot you bought it in? You always gotta repot it out of those soon after purchase and give it a terricotta, cement, or unglazed glay pot with new succulent soil, especially if you're growing them indoors. My string of pearls does very well with low light inside — it only gets about 1-3 hours of direct filtered light and does great! But they are super sensitive to soil needs and root rot in my experience. Also dratic changes in light will upset them - don't give the string your propigating any direct light or they will shrivel up. Hope that helps! 🤞🏼 🙂 🌱
This is what I did so far. I’m keeping it on a water schedule

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