Posted 2w ago by @sunflowerpower

Need help identifying these cacti
I caught the cactus bug and now I cant get a enough. I got these at lowes and have know idea what they are. Can anyone identify them? #cactusclique #succulentsquad
Hey Taylor! If you add #CactusClique and #SucculentSquad to your post we will get more people who have expertise in these plants eyes on this post to help.

I think the left one is an eve's needles I'm not sure about the right. @AnnaLovesVoting any ideas on the shaggy guy?
The right looks like a Cephalocereus senilis - a β€˜Old man Cactus’
Oh @Mrgncrch look where Taylor is from! #NKYGregGroup
Hey Taylor!!! You have to join our #NKYGregGroup !!!
Will do!

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