Posted 1M ago by @FoxyBroomsedge

I was wondering if anyone could identify what’s going on ...

4ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@FoxyBroomsedge Hello I’m not sure if this is in fact the issue but it should be in direct sunlight . Is it the whole plant or just that leaf ? They do tend to get black spots though it looks as if the leaf is dying .
You also might want to check for pests of any kind . Some neem oil should take care of them if so .
Was the aloe in direct sunlight? Is it in a terracota pot? If yes to both needs more water and a bigger pot, terracota tends to dry out water faster.
If it's a really old leaf, it may just be time. If it's soggy, it could be overwatered.
@ILoveMyPlants thank u for reply! And it’s just on the leaf. I have been getting overly zealous and taking the plant outside during the day to get a lot of sunlight and typically do that every day. I was wanting to maybe just leave it outside 24/7 for the summer (I live in Missouri).
@ILoveMyPlants thanks for that tip! I definitely need some need oil! I’m new to plants!
@DesirousTauhinu I have been quite inconsistent and taking it outside during the day and sometimes keeping it indoors. I think I’ll just leave it outside 24/7 for the summer. I may have overwatered in the past so I’ll make sure to have a better watering schedule. It’s a terracotta pot. Thank u :)
@motherearth83 thank you! 😌
Following with you! I have the same issue on a few on my leaves. They showed up when she was super unhappy with me and are only on the older leaves. No idea what it is but I’m so glad I’m not alone!