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Losing Leaves
Is it normal for it to lose leaves during the winter? I feel like since it has grown that it has lost leaves as the colder weather came in. It’s still indoors but there is definitely less sun because of the season.
0ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
was it a lot of leaves or just a few? i think a few older leaves dropping off might be a normal part of growth
I don’t know anything about rockweed, or why it might be dropping leaves, but hopefully the following info will be of help. This care sheet is from a university: It can withstand cold temps down to a minimum of 30°F to 40°F so it should be fine indoors in your home. This link is more user friendly:
I have a plant that randomly started losing leaves. I recommend leaving the leaves in the pot. Posting 2 pictures the first one is before she lost her leaves and the second one is after.
@Briannak702 that’s what I ended up doing. Thank you!
@StringPlayer thank you! I’ll read these

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