Posted 1M ago by @Lisyer

Are prayer plants fast growers?
I thought I had fast-growing plants before, but getting a prayer plant made me realise that oh boy was I wrong 😅 2,5 month progress… #HappyPlants #PrayerPlant
Woooooow!!!! I just got one. I better keep an eye on it. Lol, I know it needs to be repotted, the roots are growing out across the bottom of its nursery pot. Now I’m even more excited!!
Yours is so happy! Mine needs some TLC - she's not growing quickly at all
Lucky for you to have been able to keep it alive. I haven’t had much luck with them. It looks great.
@YammieOf3 thank you! It even bloomed a month ago 😅, but I read that the blooming consumes a lot of energy from the plant, so I cut it off 😂
@Lisyer mine isn't growing that fast. Yours is very very happy. Keep doing whatever your doing. Looks great.
She looks so healthy and beautiful
@Lisyer beautiful prayer plant 🥰 @PlantsAndCoffee sounds like yours needs a new pot, it's time to re-pot a plant when the roots are coming through the bottom of the pot, a pot a couple inches bigger than the present pot should be fine. Happy growing 🌱🌿💛

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