Posted 2w ago by @FastDaffodil

Why are her leaves crispy?
She’s had crispy leaves for a little bit, so I started misting her once a day. I let her be for the weekend and she got very brown. HELP
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot
Last watered 2 days ago
It may be that she needs a bigger pot! The soil may be drying out too fast and therefore she’s going on with longer drout periods. If that’s not the case I recommend bringing it in with you while you shower and leaving it there for a while as that’s more significant than misting.
@botanicalshower thanks! unfortunately, she stays at my office so misting is the best option. i also recently put her by a lamp. would that have anything to do with it? is it too hot?
@FastDaffodil yes it might be the lamp! my adansonii started to crisp and yellow even with direct morning light. it’s best to pull it a bit back from the lamp. :)
It might help if you mist it! It helps new leaves uncurl

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