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How I take care of it? I feel like it's not as green as b...

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@Luna96 usually when the soil isn’t absorbing the water or it passes straight through, the soil is lacking nutrients. I would re-pot with a good draining mix and make sure to slow water or set it in a bowl of water to soak for about an hour to saturate the fresh soil. If the roots are limp, slimy, or smelly you may have root rot on your hands but won’t know until you get it out of the current pot & soil. Fingers crossed and happy planting! 🫢🏼🌱✨
Hi! I would repot it. That to me looks like the beginning of root rot and the pot says it has no drainage holes. The issue doesn’t look severe yet but it will eventually kill the plant. πŸŒ±β˜€οΈβ€οΈ
It has drainage hole and the soil get dry badly faster than the others plants. How I can deal with that?
@RealSimpleMama hi Sarah! Newbie here. What did you see on this particular plant that you thought could perhaps be root rot? I’d love to know what to look out for and avoid unaliving my plants. Thanks in advance!
@RealSimpleMama also, more specifically..kill the plant? How so? Consider me a sponge!! β™₯️
@Sunnydayz9 hi! The browning edges and the change in the plant’s growth.
@RealSimpleMama good to know! My thought was lack of water absorption & dry soil = roots would simply dry and die vs root rot where they are typically over saturated and smell to high heavens.