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dracaena massangeana

So I went and bought 8 quarts of moist control potting mix miracle-gro. I cleaned all the old potting soil off of her and repotted her. Next I gave her some water and set her closer to the window, so I also changed her location. But her leaves are brown on the ends and I haven’t seen any growth in her really in the past 4-5 months I bought her. What steps do I need to further take to give her the best life? #PlantTherapy #PetsAndPlants #BeforeAndAfter #NewPlantMom #WhatPlantIsThis
0ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Maybe mist it as well? And don't over water. If you want to cut the brown you can as well!
@TheSadBean I will definitely do that today, thank you so much!
@Warrior welcome to Greg!

Are you using tap water to water the plant? Dracaena don't like chlorine/flouride in tap water.

I suggest getting a water filter like Brita so you can use filtered water for your plants.

Also think about adding tap water conditioner. I mix the 2 in a small dropper bottle and add a drop to every water jug I'm refilling.

I also want to caution using the moisture control for all plants. I use this gor plants that like to never dry out, but I also add perlite and orchid bark to help with drainage.

I would also take a peek at the roots. Take a sniff of the pot. Is there a bad smell? There may be dome root rot because of the moist soil not drying out around the roots. If you take a peek and roots are mushy, tag me and let me onow and I can give you next step help.
Welcome my cornstalk doesn’t like regular water she only likes distilled water and she loves it - just an idea
My plant uses bottled water, so there is no chlorine in it. I am new to this but I think I might be at a spot to where u need to watch and wait.
Your plant may be too close to light. They can’t stand direct sunlightt on their leaves: they turn brown where touched by sun. They seem to prefer more midrange or even lower light.