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What’s up with my beans?

My beans have been growing like crazy, but recently have been getting these white dry spots? Help please! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #beanplants #helpneeded #sickplants
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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Shouldn't they be ready to pot up? Have you looked at the roots?
Agree with above, looking closely at the leaves they're either getting burned (need to pot up so root system can get large enough to support the growth, so perhaps they're not taking up enough water) or it's a fungal disease.
Pot these up to separate them and give the roots a chance.
See if that fixes this (new growth strong and healthy)
If No, check for powdery mildew - find you tube video that goes into that fungal disease if you don't have access to a local nursery - where people there can help you diagnose the disease.
do you spray your beans? if so it may be downy mildew, but i see that you’re in Louisiana, id imagine it’s pretty hot right now? even so, if the leaves are damp all the time even from humidity, downy mildew, or some bacterial disease, could be the culprit. the new leaves don’t seem to have any problems yet, so be careful to not wet the leaves, then if they start developing the same stuff id look in to some at home remedies
Omg I had this happen to my beans too! I never figured it out. I wouldn’t continually check for spider mites as that made it worse on one of my plants, but mostly check the roots and make sure they are getting enough nutrients. Also, beans can easily get chlorotic so make sure to give iron if you see lighter colored leaves coming out. Good luck!