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What is this pest and what do I do?
My aloes’ soil is crawling with these little whitish bugs
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That is NOT a spider mite.

It looks like it might be an aphid. Honestly, it reminds me of a baby cockroach.

Your best bet is to take the pot to the sink pull the plant out and wash everything off.

Then wash out the pot and get some new soil and re-pot your plant.

If you have plants, you'll have bugs. (:
Those look like spider mites to me. If you order food-grade diatomaceous earth, you can mix it into the top 2 inches of soil, and it should take care of the problem. Be sure to quarantine your aloe until the infestation is gone.
@Pleasethrive I’ve only got normal cactus soil and I’d rather not order supplies. What if I replanted it in new soil and cleaned the pot and plant with soap water? Also just wondering what caused them to be there in the first place and they likelihood of them coming back?
@sarahsalith Thank you!
Here are spider mites. They are SUPER tiny. They are so hard to see that you usually only see their webbing. In my picture, the webbing is full of lint because this plant is in my laundry room. The white things aren't even the bugs. I could see the bugs in real life, but you really can't see them in the picture.
If you can get a hold of a bottle of Natria, I personally think it's amazing! It's gentle enough for me to spray on almost all my plants whenever I want.

I have also purchased this insect control and I add it to my potting mix when I pot plants. 

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