Posted 1M ago by @RegnantWildyam

Are these brown spots caused by sun burn or disease?

I got this pretty guy last weekend and repotted it because the roots were getting crazy in its original small pot. Then I found he’s drooping more and the new leaves begin to have these brown spots. I didn’t water the whole plant when repotting, just moisturized the new soil added to the pot because I heard in that way the root would grow faster into the new soil. And he was placed under direct sunlight for 3 days. Does the direct sunlight/ not enough water cause the issue? Should I water it or does it look like some fungi infection?
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Hey πŸ‘‹ There’s a lot of different factors going on honestly! Probably a mix of both the direct light and not watering it throughly when it was repotted. Also stress in general because these specific leaves are a little more fragile than others. Do all the leaves have these spots or just a few or even one?
@JCPlantProper Hey! Thanks for the reply!! Yes that makes a lot of sense, I guess he’s just too stressed in a new place. The brown spots are on a couple leaves but not all- mostly the new babies that haven’t open up fully and one of the largest leaves. Does that tell anything?