Posted 3d ago by @Jaynabeth

My fig trees leaves are drooping
Anyone know why this might be? When I brought them home, they looked full and perky (left) and now the leaves are drooping and falling off (right). #FiddleLeafFig
2ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Give her some time to adjust to your new space, flf are not happy being moved so it’s probably just the relocation. She will be okay 😊 (beautiful tree btw) some people buy baby trees because they hate being moved πŸ˜… but I can see why you bought this beauty!
@HoyaAddict i want one Soo bad but I plan on moving next year and I read they don't like being moved. So i decided it would be house warming gift to myself. That and a BOP. LOL
@LatiTish84 what an awesome idea and something to look forward to, looking forward to pics! I’m planning on an albo monstera for my 40th next year 🫣
They hate life. Give it some time and it will either acclimate and be happy forever or die.
Lol sorry no actual help, just commiserating. There are people who get them to do well so listen to them. Mine just dropped more than half its leaves because I moved it for a couple weeks to paint the room it lives in. πŸ™„ (But now that I repotted it figuring it would live or not, might as well shock it again but give it a better chance, it has a bunch of new growth. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)
@HoyaAddict ooh niceeee!!! Treat yourself!!
Make sure it's in a north facing window and gets plenty of drainage. Mine do best in terra cotta pots. I'd also move it away from that fan!
Hi mine are dropping as well and leaves turning dark 😳

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