Posted 1w ago by @Mama_Jaimekins

Why does this plant hate me?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 16 hours ago
Best Answer
@Mama_Jaimekins Ok if the soil is new then you should rinse it throughly. Plants don’t like being planted in dry soil and it can stress them out. But before that I would check the roots for any rotten or squishy areas and trim them off. Make sure the pot isn’t too big because succulents grow best when their roots are crowded (size up 2 inches at most)

After you rinse, then I would let it dry out before watering again but always after repotting plants need a good rinse!
No idea lol are you letting the soil dry out completely before watering?
@fabiana I overwatered it so I transferred it into dry dirt in a new pot but it’s not perking up like I thought it would

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