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My pony tail palm needs LOVE
I don’t know what happened but she is struggling!! Help me!! She was good when I got her but now is not doing too hot!
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4ft to light, indirect
5” pot
Last watered 5 months ago
I have one that’s close to the same size. Remington is in a west window. His pot has drainage and typically water every 18 to 21 days. He gets indirect sunlight through a window with a blind. He is flourishing!
I would try, if you can maybe putting it in a south or east facing window, ponytails are good in indirect but thrive in bright sunlight as well. Try to let it dry out between watering so the roots can properly absorb nutrients. And if that doesn’t help may I suggest fertilizing, or repotting? Best of luck!!!
Mine is just coming back from losing it’s root system, definitely extended time between watering and do not fertilize until it’s healthy or you’ll burn the roots. Good luck.
@user01069204 Agreed! It will recover much faster with brighter light.

It also looks like the pot doesn’t have drainage - that may be contributing! If the soil stays damp between waterings you may want to consider repotting into a pot with drainage holes.
If you decide to repot, maybe try a smaller pot. I don’t think they like a lot of extra space.
Remember that ponytail palms aren’t really palm trees, but succulent. So you want to put it in a succulent mix, and water one every couple of weeks, and set it in a spot with bright light & sometimes direct sunlight. Mines gets bright indirect sunlight & sometimes direct in my south facing window, and she’s thriving.
Direct light will help if you have it! And I would consider a draining pot, even if it’s just a plastic pot that fits in your non-draining pot you have now
Drainage is a big deal. Looks like to much water maybe
Thank you for all the advice! But my pot does have a draining hole and I don’t feel like I over watered it.
I was having problems with mines I started bottom watering mines for about 30 min and moved it about 5 feet from south window . And also I use The pick the pot and check along with the Greg app plants have come along way thanks to this app. Good luck time and patience

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