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My bougainvillea blooms and leafs All fall down. How make...

Last watered 2 months ago
A bougainvillea plant may lose its leaves after flowering due to shock, which can be caused by low light, frost, or repotting. Other reasons for leaf drop include:
Inconsistent watering: If the plant is allowed to become too dry, it will drop its leaves, but should send new growth out again if watering is resumed before it dies.
temperature: Bougainvillea plants require warm weather, and flower drop can occur if the plant is exposed to temperatures that are lower than those it is used to.
overwatering: The plant may wilt and drop leaves if it is drowning in water.
Here is a good article I found Bougainvillea Losing Leaves: Common Reasons and How to Fix It says could be transplant shock.
Thank you so much 🌺