Posted 2w ago by @SoigneRichweed

Why are all the leaves falling off my fig plant
Please post a picture of your plant. Didn’t see it in your oasis.
I heard when ppl firstly buy them they kidda do that like a lot.. I'm not an expert tho as long as the leafes aren't turning yellow it's good
Hey, there! Welcome to Greg.

I'm having a problem loading your plants. Can you post a picture?
It depends on the fig. The Benjamina fig needs bright light, consistent watering and it doesn't like to be moved around once you find its happy spot.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig may as will be called a Fickle Leaf Fig and it needs humidity, bright light, and consistent watering.

 It makes my heart happy to see people from #Tennessee on Greg! (:
I also wanted to let you know that sometimes Greg gets the identification wrong. The first picture is a ficus a Elastica, a rubber tree. The second is a BEAUTIFUL philodendron Birkin!

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