Posted 2w ago by @XArianaX

My prayer plant is flowering!!
The delicate little flower look so pretty! But im not sure if i should leave them or cut them off to preserve the plants energy!
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I don't know anything about prayer plants, just wanted to say how much I love the name of your plant😂

Blooms on an indoor Prayer Plant are rare and while they don't hurt the Prayer Plant, they can distract it from producing new foliage and cause older growth to die back.
@sarahsalith what do you think?
This is all up to you honestly. If the rest of your plant is perfectly healthy leaving flowers on it it’s not going to do anything. If you like flowers then great you can leave them on there until they fall off. But if you don’t care much for the flowers then it won’t hurt to take them off. They are so small and only last for a while so it won’t make that much of a difference @XArianaX other plants like Philodendrons or Monsteras that flower I suggest taking the blooms off
@BeckysBabies aw thanks it was the first name I thought of for it 😆
@KikiGoldblatt ok great! So my plant has been very healthy but i did notice one small leaf near the flower dried up. Other than that the plant is doing well so i think I’m going to leave the flower there!

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