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Norfolk Island Pine
#NorfolkIslandPine I have been around, grown, and done all but sell plants for 40+ years and have NEVER heard that they need DIRECT sunlight! Bright INDIRECT sunlight, yes! But NEVER direct. I’ve grin one to 15 feet tall by taking it out every spring in a courtyard that did NOT get direct sun. I’d take back inside every fall and it would survive the winter in pretty low light conditions. (Btw, I grew this plant at the office where I worked for 20 years and the building’s door to the courtyard was ceiling-high. It got to be so big, that we could no longer get it in and out of the door without laying it nearly horizontal on the 2-wheel dolly and I HAD to find it a new home.) I would be so afraid the sun would burn it’s needles! I thought the type of pine we could purchase weren’t the same as those grown natively on an island out in the Atlantic.
16” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Wow! Your beautiful plant had good care and has done so well. 🥰
Hi Julianne! These guys do indeed thrive in the brightest sunlight they can get.

They’re trees, and in the wild can grow over 200 feet! They grow this tall so they can tower over neighboring plants and make sure they get *all* the sunlight.

I’m super impressed that yours has grown so large! You’re smart to bring it outdoors in the summer so it can soak up those long days of sun.

There are a few species all referred to as Norfolk Island Pines, though they can be impossible to identify down to the species level.

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