Posted 3w ago by @PurelyPeachtree

My snake plant is not looking great & other leaves are st...

1ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Common mistakes are typically too much/little water/light. If the soil is dry a couple of knuckles deep give it a drink. But also the soil shouldn't be soaking wet all the time.

As the spots arent where the light is coming from i dont think its that.

How do the leaves feel are they feeling squidgy or form or dry? This can help get an idea of what it needs.

Another thing could be too much fertiliser if you are using it.

Hope this helps
@PurelyPeachtree Hi Casey this is a plant that needs drainage and likes to be dryer than wet.
πŸ’§No Drainage:
If a succulent or any non-aquatic plant lacks drainage, their roots will suffocate, rot and your plant will die. The plant’s roots is like our nose, they breathe through their roots. πŸ™‚
πŸ’¦ Is this plant double potted. If you separate the 2 pots, you might find stagnant water at the bottom of the outer pot, and that’s drowning your plant’s roots. Always separate the two pots before watering your plant and never let any plant sit in water. Your getting great watering advice from @TheLonelyDaff and @ILoveMyPlants .
▫️This drought tolerant plant is resilient. This website will give you 5 steps on how to save an overwatered Snake plant.
πŸ™ With some TLC your plant will make a speedy recovery.