Posted 2w ago by @SirPlantsAlot

Anyone have advice for bringing this plant back to its best life?
Moths attacked it at an outdoor nursery. 😬
They don’t like the sun light because they get burned. They like more shade and not so wet dirt. They do like humidity a lot.
@MinecraftSteve thank you!
@MeganO has a gorgeous one 🥰
Sorry, been drowning in every aspect of life (as my Greg tells me I have nearly 70 plants to water). Here’s my babe the other day. She’s finally back out on my balcony, but needs a good leaf wipedown or shower because she keeps getting covered in pollen from the trees in the courtyard 😭

It looks like yours for the most part is okay but has small damages in various leaves. I would just look to see if there are any leaves completely dead and trim those out. The damage will be there forever, but you don’t need to trim leaves for minor damage unless it really bugs you.

Give her humidity, and indirect light and she’ll thrive 💙 She can be a picky bitch about water with chemicals (like tap that’s chlorinated) so if you have distilled or rain water I would say using that in combination with giving her humidity will help prevent the browning tips of the leaves.

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