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I need help πŸ’”
So I often buy plants off people in my area that look rather sick so I can help nurse them back to health. This is the first time purchasing string of pearls ever, but I couldn’t just leave her, I knew she needed a little bit of TLC. My question is how do I know what is wrong?? I google and I either get that she’s dehydrated or sunburnt.. I’m thinking she’s dehydrated due to how hard her pearls are, but is there a chance I could accidentally over water her? Any tips and tricks for making Oreo feel better?? #stringofpearls #help #sick #dehydrated #saveme #oreo #pearls
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
If your not seeing any pest it may be under watered try bottom watering and letting it sit in a bowl for maybe a hour and see if that helps and find a nice spot that gets enough sun but not direct sunlight
@Intensekeii thank you πŸ’• sometimes google confuses the heck out of me and it makes no sense πŸ˜… but thank you!!
I have found sop can be a bit tricky. I only water mine when the older pearls (closer to the soil) feel soft and look like they’re starting to fold in on themselves. Otherwise, it’s easy to overwater. 😬 Good luck! I hope it recovers nicely for you!
Make sure they have bright, indirect light and dont overwater! SOP is notorious for getting overwatered.
You actually want the pearls to be hard! Bottom watering best for pearls is what I’ve found… but they are so picky. Good luck!
Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the advice I can get ☺️ I’m gonna try my best to make her feel better!!
@Vforvendetti this is a perfect answer!! SOP do seem to do much better with bottom watering.
@Songbird92 That soil looks super wet, give it lots of time to dry out completely. It’s also marked as having no drainage, does the pot have drainage holes? That will make a HUGE difference!
@Kiersten yup it has drainage holes. It’s wet because I put it in my better soil and gave it a water.. the soil it was in was pretty compact and looked like the soil almost clay like. Do I have to give it any fertiliser or plant food? Or is water sufficient enough?
@Songbird92 Sunlight is more like plant food and fertilizer is more like a Red Bull. If it’s already stressed, it may make it more stressed πŸ˜… Plenty of sunlight should do the trick!
@Kiersten thank you so much!! Here’s hoping I can get some life into her pearls πŸ’•
I hung mine and forgot that the pearls close to the soil are where the sunlight really needs to be! Moving my babies down into the sunlight and bottom watering helped salvage my strings when they were REALLY struggling! πŸ’š
@Megansjungle thank you πŸ’• every little bit of advice helps 🌱
Looks like it just needs some sun (no so easy in winter), I think mine only needs watering once a week and your soil looks nice and moist. Just keep to watering her once a week and keep her in a sunny windowsill and she should recover.
@AshCud899 thank you 😊 luckily where I am it’s summer at the moment.. weather hasn’t been overly sunny the last 3-4 days though :( thank you so much πŸ’•
Honestly, I had a tough time with my SOP until I put it outside (to die, I thought… 😬), and it ended up LOVING direct sunlight (west-facing side of building) and neglect πŸ˜‚ And it gets HOT here. It’s grown a ton and now has about 8 flowers about to bloom.
I water it about once a month.

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