Posted 1M ago by @DevotedMingfern

Is this due to underwatering?

He’s droopy! I watered him last Friday and again today. How can I help him? #Dieffenbachia
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
My dieffenbachia is super picky. Mine suffered when it was in too large a pot, doing better now in a smaller one. Mine gets droopy when it’s dry and perks up when watered but definitely give this baby some drainage.
@Julhigbee He seems to look a little perkier now (his bottom leaves are still quite droppy) but it’s only been a couple hours since his watering.
Mine would take probably a day before I noticed an improvement.
@Julhigbee Thank you! I am new to plants and really want these to thrive! Made me sad to see it look so sad this morning LOL