Posted 4w ago by @BetterCarobtree

Why are the leaves a dull color?

2ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Welcome to Greg, Gabriell! My lemon trees are actually outside. They prefer lots and lots of bright sunlight. I would be concerned that your tree may not be getting enough sunlight. οΏΌ

do you have a place outside where you can put your tree? Then you'll have #OutsidePlants too. (:
Hi! When my lemon trees leaves get dull and she starts to drop them it’s a sign of a spider mite infection that I hadn’t noticed. Check under the leaves and where they attach to the branches for little white webs and bugs.
How do you treat spider mites? I will move her outside today.
@SoulfulEndive mine had spider mites and I used neem oil which eliminated them. Now it’s dropping 1-2 leaves a day and 1-2 mini lemon ( super small) per day.. I use a water meter too