Posted 3M ago by @EarthlyMossfern

Do avocados like to be root bound? I have 3 in a big pot.

0ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Hi Tracy! Avocado plants typically only thrive in pots if they’re dwarf varieties and generally only one to a pot as their root systems develop in quite a widespread pattern. I’d definitely recommend potting each plant separately regardless, but may I ask what variety your avocado plants are for further clarification? πŸ₯‘
@signorebean well, store bought is all I know. I think hass.
Yeah, they don’t like being root bound. Plant them into separate pots and if they get a little withery, they’re just adjusting.
Hello again Tracy, thank you so much for clarifying! Hass avocados can generally remain potted for up to six months of their initial growth, however any time beyond this period I’d recommend finding a place for them in the ground if possible as their root systems spread substantially and require plenty of aeration. If you are able to plant your avocado plants I’d also recommend checking the pH levels in your soil first as they’re very sensitive to alkalinity; you can find pH measurement metres that you can stake into the ground and reuse infinitely wherever needed at any local nursery or plant centre, sometimes even grocery stores if they have a gardening selection, otherwise single use pH testing kits are just as accurate too. Hass avocados thrive in well draining loamy or sandy soil with a pH of between 5 - 6.5. I hope this helps and best of luck with your avocado plants πŸ₯‘πŸŒΏ