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Leaning to the side
My #PhilodendronBirkin is kinda leaning to the side so should I tie her to a stake? #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #PlantCorner
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The short answer is yes. She is top heavy so if you don't she will fall over and could hurt herself.

The longer answer is that I see a number of aerial roots sticking up out of her soil so if you haven't checked her roots lately I would gently lift her out of her pot to see if she needs a bigger home. If she does you can repot her and straighten her back out.

Whenever you repot her, if not now then later on, she would like a plank or a moss pole to climb. This will give her something to anchor herself to so she can grow larger leaves and get taller
Oooh! Me, too! I have the same problem.
@tmbryant37 thank u for the advice, will do!!
Yes you can put a stake to help her! Mines was doing the same thing I just added some LECA to the side to help it sit up straight!
They'll climb a moss pole if you give them one!
Totally agree with everyone else, and I have the same problem with one of mine!! I think a stake is good short-term but a moss pole or something for the aerial roots to grow into would be healthier.
Sure does look like it needs a pole to support and turning it periodically so all sides gets d light
I think she might need to be repotted! I’m not quite sure lol but I’m guessing she’s just a lil top heavy atm πŸ€—
@JJboi like @tmbryant37 said, she knows her stuff. I would definitely check the roots, it might be time for a bigger pot and a moss pole.

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