Posted 3w ago by @KateSobczak

Pothos turning yellow
Hey guys! Does anyone know what to do to keep a large pothos from yellowing? It’s always been so healthy and recently has been losing leaves like crazy.
11ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
It’s possible that your Pothos may be rootbound, and not getting enough water! It may be time to give your Pothos a new home! I would suggest going 2 inches up from your current pot 🪴✨💧
@KateSobczak several reasons for yellowing leaves:
Too much watering or under watering. If leaves are yellow and drooping that’s too much water. Try tugging the leaf, if it pulls off easily and leaves curl inward, it needs more water. Before watering check soil, if still damp wait another day to do it. Check the soil daily and water only when soil is dry. It could also be too much sunlight if leaf is almost white. Move plant away from the light source. It probably also needs a plant booster. If you’re doing all this and it’s still yellow, it is probably the temperature, make sure your house temperature doesn’t fluctuate. Pruning them also helps. Yellow leaves sunny turn green again so best to cut them off.
@HappyPlantBFF thank you! I will definitely go get a plant booster and @kscape I think you’re right about it being time for a bigger pot! Thank you both :)
@KateSobczak Your plant seems to be doing great, so personally I don’t think you need a plant booster! Your plant is extremely healthy, especially how it’s trailing. I think it’s just thirsty and needs more space to grow 🤩✨🌿

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